about coraille (booking)
more than 600 shows since 1996 in different towns and areas cooperating with different associations and constitutions.
* booking for FZW, dortmund since 2006.
* since 2008 partly responsible for booking the „juicy beats“ festival.
* booking for bahnhof langendreer, bochum since 2009.
*a very incomplete list of bands that came and played: 31knots, 65daysofstatic, afrob, alex clare, alligatoah, a armada, a.m. thawn, adam green, against me, amanda rogers, an albatross, and so i watch you from afar, antelope, antilopen gang, antlered man, art brut, asshole parade, a wilhelm scream, baroness, battles, birthmark, bison b.c., blackmail, black breath, black rust, bleubird, blitzen trapper, blonde redhead, blumentopf, bodi bill, bohren & der club of gore, bondage fairies, bonaparte, boris, bubonix, calexico, caspian, cerebral ballzy, chin up chin up, cissy, city on film, coco rosie, constants, crystal fighters, chuck ragan, dan mangan, darkside, dave hause, david lemaitre, dead to me, deafheaven, dear reader, deerhoof, dendemann, denis jones, des ark, devotchka, diario, die sterne, drangsal, dyse, eagle & talon, ef, efterklang, egotronic, eläkeläiset, eniac, enon, ex models, experimental dental school, fake problems, fine arts showcase, fluid to gas, friska viljor, frittenbude, from monument to masses, fuse and, future of the left, gerard, get well soon, gisbert zu knyphausen, glorytellers, gogogo airheart, gogol bordello, golden kanine, grails, hard-ons, harvey milk, high on fire, holy sons, hot water music, i heart sharks, irie revoltes, isis, jai alai savant, joe cape, joe lally, johnossi, juiceboxxx, jupiter jones, kakkmaddafakka, kalle mattson, käpt`n peng und die tentakel von delphi, kat frankie, katzenjammer, kommando sonne-nmilch, kreidler, kristofer aström, labrassbanda, la dispute, lake me, last days of april, left boy, leslie clio, lichens, listener, long distance calling, love of everything, lymbyc systym, mad caddies, make believe, man man, mardi gras bb, marteria, maserati, megaloh, melt banana, menomena, milemarker, milky chance, mintzkov, mOck, moderat, mono, monochrome, moop mama, moriarty, montreal, muff potter, muncie girls, nathalie stern, new model army, norman palm, nouvelle vague, off with their heads, om, owen, owls by nature, oxbow, pallbearer, parts & labor, pere ubu, phoenix, plus/minus, polite sleeper, pompeii, ponytail, priestbird, promise ring, pttrns, red city radio, reverend shine snake oil co, rocky votolato, royal republic, russian circles, saalschutz, samiam, sarah lesch, serengeti, shantel and bucovina club orkestar, sierra kidd, sights and sounds, six60, sleep, smart ass dynamite…, soap&skin, sophia, steaming satellites, strike anywhere, sumac, super 700, susanne blech, swans, tamikrest, ten volt shock, telekinesis, the black atlantic, the busters, the drift, the ex, the gaslight anthem, the love kill, the ocean, the bony king of nowhere, the diamond road show, the pains of being pure at heart, the psychic paramount,  the thermals, tortoise, ttng, the van pelt, the world/inferno friendship society, this will destroy you, thunderbirds are now, torche, trend, triggerfinger, true widow, ttng, tubers, turbostaat, turboweekend, tu fawning, tv bhuddas, two gallants,urban cone, urlaub in polen, vague angels, vaz, vic chesnutt, victor villarreal, von spar, wallis bird, weekend, what`s up?, watter, windmill, who made who, why?, wolf people,wolves in the throne room, xbxrx, yann tiersen, yip yip, yob, zea, zsk….